Faro is a Mer boy, the twin brother of Elvira, the heir of Saldowr and a friend of Sapphire. He is one of the main characters in the series and possesses a minimal but unspecified amount of human blood.

A Mer boy who is the first to show Sapphy the world of Ingo. He is described as having dark hair, brown eyes, perfectly white teeth, and suntanned skin. He is offended when Sapphire calls him a mermaid ("do you go to school with a lot of nice maids?"). Sapphire compares his tail to that of a seal, however on the covers of the novels it looks a if he has a seals tail with a whales fins. His personality is proud and headstrong. He and Conor clash sometimes. He is protective of his family, which Conor and Sapphire are a part of. He is intensly proud of being Mer, however he later learns that he also has human blood in him. He knows exactly what he is is. (half and half? I'm just me)Sapphire is confused by him. Sometimes he can act friendly and do flips with her and other times he can vent his anger and hatred of humans on her. Like the sea itself, he is unpredictable. He omits a lot of things and Sapphire still doesn't trust him completely. He knew that Saph was looking for her dad but did not tell her that her dad was now his uncle. Over the series Saph learns to read him and react appropriately, "mollifying" him with her well timed apologies and preventing him from being angry. Faro does a lot of things for Saph though. Like saving Roger even though he wanted him to die for intruding and "spying" on Ingo and coming into her house when there was a tidal surge. He even dived after her when Saph fell into the Deep, fully aware that he couldn't survive down there. He ended up blacking out. He is michievious and likes to tease Saph. He always hints (or hopes) that Sapphire may become Mer, and while he calls her his sister, it is unknown whether he feels a romantic or brotherly love towards her. He is also Saldowrs apprentice a protects him with his heart and soul. Always wears a matching deublek to Sapphires. He likes to tease, and calls Sapphire "Little Sister".(hwoer in Mer)