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The Ingo Chronicles is a collection of books based on the adventures in the underwater world, Ingo written by Helen Dunmore. Explore the beauty and diversity of Ingo with Sapphire and Conor Trewhella, and others but hold your breath as you will encounter dark secrets of Ingo, the deep and more. The Ingo Chronicles is an adventure-packed book anyone can follow with an amazing unforgettable storyline.

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The Ingo Chronicles

There are five books in the Ingo Pentalogy, the first four books are shown in the slideshow above and is the original storyline of the original characters, Sapphire and Conor Trewhella. Here are the books labelled below as well as the spin-off:


1. Ingo 2. The Tide Knot 3.

The Deep 4. The Crossing of Ingo



The Main Characters


Sapphire Trewhella  


Conor Trewhella

Mathew Trewhella III





Granny Carne


Morveren Trevail


Jenna Trevail

Bran Helyer

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